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Monte Magico Estate

In the heart of Emilia Romagna, on the hills of Castelvetro, one of the happiest areas with a denomination of controlled origin, set in a suggestive setting ladanscape between woods and rows of vines has been growing for almost half a century the Monte Magico estate.

Twenty-Five hectares of vineyards extend along the side of the area hilly denominated by the company headquarters; the ideal ecosystem favors one production with extraordinary organoleptic characteristics that, thanks to years of experience, over time has been able to remain faithful to the acient tradition Emilian wine known and appreciated all over the world.

The Monte Magico seal vision focuses on the creation of products high quality through meticulous control with which the various phases of the production process are followed.

The choise to invest immediately in the most advanced technologies and the establishment of the company in a production area from the extraordinary climatic characteristic, together with the noon exposure of the plants, to the choise of grapes of the best varieties and to cultivation inteventions aimed at limiting the extentof production, they played a fundamental role in obtaining a product able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Love for Nature and the Land is perceived through the tasting of the Wines produced respecting the most ancient traditions through a process that combines the most modern equipment classic work methods, based on the experience of those who are interested constantly achieving the best result.


is a company that deals with distribution and sale of high-quality products, starting with Monte Magico wines selection, 

This aactivity, together with Monte Magico estate, wants to seduce good taste lovers with its precious products. 

Both the company and the estate have the same family-run, that creates a complete harmony, everything is clear in the final product and in the custumer satisfaction.

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